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Price Sheet


We here at Sweethearts Quilting treat every quilt as though it was our own.  We respect the fact that you put your heart and soul into making this quilt and understand that no quilt is perfect. 


Much time and effort goes into your design that you do not even see, along with much time to set up and remove your quilt from the machine.  Therefore, we feel that our prices are very fair.

We can supply the batting and backing in required at an additional fee. We usually use Hobbs 80/20 low loft but as you know there are many different types of lofts (fullness of the batting) and you might want a specific loft for your quilt.

We do not charge for thread usage or if we need to purchase specific digital designs online, but we do reserve  the right to charge only if agreed upon with the customer.


Edge to Edge Design (All over design)  or simple block designs Prices:


Simple edge to edge or simple block designs = $0.020 per sq inch.


Example: A Quilt = 72” x 90” would be 6,480 sq. inches.  At $0.020 per sq. inch that would equal 6480 x $0.020 = $129.60 to quilt.


  • Edge to Edge with one border = $0.020 per sq inch
  • Edge to Edge with two borders = $0.0210 per sq inch
  • Edge to Edge with three borders = $0.235 per sq inch   


Bed Sizes


Total Inches

Crib Size

46" x 60"


Throw Size

60" x 60"


Twin Size

72" x 93"


Double Size

93" x 96"


Queen Size

93" x 108"


Super Queen Size

93" x 120"



122" x 122"


Custom Quilting Prices:

A custom that is going to require us to set up the machine for set blocks – consist of 1 -2 simple changes = $0.025 per sq inch


A custom design that is going to require multiple set ups of blocks, borders or designs w/multiple changes and background fills = starting at $0.03 per sq inch

Show quilts and Custom Design Charges:

For custom designs, Heirloom, Trapunto and other more intrigue designs we will discuss price with you on an individual basis and we will come to an agreement before we start the quilt.  Average price is $0.045 to $0.060 for these items.  

For show quilts that have extensive designs with multiple blocks and borders and background fills will start at $.03 per square inch. Show quilts require additional work to bury all the stitches. 




Minimum charge for quilting             $50.00 (for small wall hangings, etc.)
Square up backing:                            $10.00

Piece backing (per seam):                 $10.00

Iron Quilt Backing or Top:                $25.00 per hour



We will be happy to trim excess backing and batting flush with quilt top so that it is ready for you to bind upon request (no charge).








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