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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to return the best quilt possible to you at a reasonable price.   

In order to do so, we ask that you please read this information sheet carefully. 

MARK THE TOP, BACKING AND BATTING (if provided by you) with a safety pin along the top edge of your pieces.  This is so we know which sides match with which, and how to load the quilt.  If not done, this takes time to measure each piece.

BACKING AND BATTING (if provided by you) needs to be 4”-6” larger than the top.

This is to insure that there is plenty of fabric to load the quilt properly and get the proper tension on each side.  Quilts, especially those with a lot of seams, may stretch during the quilting process.  This is VERY important. We have 108 inch fabric in stock for purchase if you so choose. 

“BUSY” backs are highly recommended.  Busy backs hide stitch imperfections, stops and starts.  Solid backs, depending on the quality of the fabric used, may experience bearding.

PIECED BACKS SHOULD BE PIECED WITH A ½” VERTICAL SEAM WITH THE SEAM PRESSED OPEN.  This allows for the “stretchy” part to be loaded horizontally.  If the back is pieced horizontally, there is no guarantee that the seam will be located in the center of the quilt.  Additionally, if the backing is pieced off grain, there is a potential for the back seam to “wave” on the back.  Selvedge edges MUST be removed. 


We know what batting works best with our machine.  If you provide your own batting, it MUST be marked (as above) and labeled with your name.  If your batting is not cut large enough, we will substitute our batting and return yours.  We offer several different types of battings at reasonable prices.

WE PREFER TO USE OUR THREAD.   We know which threads our machine likes. 

If we use your thread and run out at 4am, we cannot take your quilt off the frame to wait for you to provide us with another thread.  We are basically out of business until we receive your thread and finish your quilt.  For these reasons, we prefer to use our thread.

EDGES OF TOP AND BACK MUST BE TRIMMED STRAIGHT.  We need straight edges to properly load your quilt top and back onto the frame.  Please take the time and trim all your edges straight.  If we must take the time to straighten your edges, we must charge you for this service at $5.00 per edge.

WHITE OR LIGHT COLORED QUILTS.  Please give special attention to the wrong side of your quilt top on light or white tops.  Frayed seams/fabrics and piecing threads must be clipped otherwise there may be thread shadowing through the top.  If we must take the time to clip these threads, you will be charged $25 per hour.



IN GENERAL.  There are many factors which will affect the outcome of your quilt.  We’re going to cover some of the more important ones here.

                1.             Batik fabric has a very high thread count (approx 200) while regular

                                quilting cotton is approx 78 – this creates an imbalance and could

                                effect the tension and stitches.  We recommend if you have batik

                                on top, cotton on the bottom will give you a nicer result.

                2.             If you have any bias edges on your top, please stitch around the outside

                                edge to stabilize your quilt, otherwise it will stretch when on the frame.


                3.             It is the customer’s responsibility to be sure all seams are tight before

                                sending it to us.  If seams come apart during the quilting process, we

                                cannot take the quilt off the frame – the seam must be top stitched.

                4.             Please let us know ahead of time if there are any “problems” with your

                                quilt, such as a wavy border, “B” cup in a block.  If we know ahead of time

                                we can work with it and try to make adjustments. 

                5.             DO NOT embellish your quilt until the quilting is completed.

                6.             If your quilt top is not straight and square when you bring it to us, you

                                will not receive a square quilt back.  Please be sure that you measure

                                your borders before applying them to the quilt.  If you don’t -your quilt

                                will be distorted.  Please contact us for an instruction sheet on how to

                                properly apply borders. 

                7.             For the best tension, fabrics on the top and back should be the same weight and

                                quality throughout the quilt.

                8.             Any extra work that we must do in order to prepare your quilt for

                                quilting is billed at $25 per hour.

CUSTOM SHOW QUILTS – Show quality quilts start at $0.04 cents per square inch.  These quilts take much longer to do.  They are priced according to the density, design and amount of quilting requested. 

ENTERING SHOWS.  If you enter your quilt in a show, please give us the appropriate credit for the quilting.  Usually your work order will indicate which one of us quilted your piece.  We’d also love to have a photo of you, your ribbon and quilt for our website.  We will give you a  10% off certificate if you email us the .jpeg photo of your quilt (and permission to use it on our website and in our PowerPoint presentation).

EXTRA CHARGES - There is a $25 charge if we must “turn” the quilt to properly quilt the border design.  To turn the quilt, we must unload the quilt, turn it and then re-load the quilt.  This can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.


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